Monday, February 6, 2012

My Brain

I have so much going on in my head right now, it's really hard to form a coherent thought. I think of blog posts all the time, then never post them. I suppose I spend too much time on Facebook and Pinterest to mosey over here too often. Another thing is, I guess I'm shy about who may be reading. (although I know realistically at this point no one is ;)

So, what's new--well, a LOT. C and I decided to move. We have been at this place for 2 years now and we had thought we may purchase it. We finally decided not to which left us with two options: stay another year or leave now. I had thought we'd just stay another year but then, as usual there seemed to be other plans for us.

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I looked ALL OVER Craigslist at rentals. Bigger ones, smaller ones, near ones, far ones. I had it in my head that I needed to find a bigger house for us. We are now a family of five and that seemed to translate into more and more and more space. But then we took a step back and re-evaluated our goals.

C has a new job that pays better than what he had been making. I am still self-employed/home with G a lot but as he gets older I'll be getting closer to working full time again. Whether that will be still as an independent contractor or not remains to be seen. But the point is, we want to own a house that is just right for us. Not just one that fell into our lap. He works pretty far North and we have been living very far South so the commute has been a bitch--and takes away even more of our time together. His job will be changing as they open more restaurants and we have no idea what part of town will work best then. But we do know that once we save money, work on our credit/debt and find a place it will be the place that we will raise our children in until they are ready to leave the nest.

So--that left us with two choices and since we hadn't made the choice to leave, time was making the choice to stay for us. I'd been going to the gym religiously for a few weeks (more on that later) and was putting on my workout clothes one morning, pondering our situation. I was thinking about what our ideal price range was, what part of town would make the most sense, how much I thought our utility increase might be in a bigger place when it hit me: what if we moved into a SMALLER place? It seemed crazy--yet....

As I was thinking this I flashed onto our couple-friends M & H. They have a cute, small house. True, they are a couple and do not have kids yet but...they have 3 bedrooms and really that's all we need right now. When we buy we'll probably do 4 so Moomers, LeeLee and Baby G can all have their own rooms, but right now? Our needs are pretty basic.

After my workout I went into the locker room to sit in the steam room and take a shower. I opened my locker and checked my phone to make sure I was on track to pick up Baby G on time from the infant room. I saw a FB note: "Friends, help us rent our house!"  It was from M & H. I wrote back and said that actually WE are looking for a new place. I texted C and told him and he said: "let's move there!" and I was like "really??!"  Aaaaannnddd---things kind of went from there. I was already planning on driving by a house I found on CL (slightly bigger than M & H's house but with only ONE bathroom which, as the only lady in the house I find very alarming) so after I did that I impulsively drove to M & H's house. M was home and surprised to see me. Not the first time my impulsive nature made me feel like a creeper. ;)   She showed me around and we chatted. I pictured living there and wondered what C's thoughts would be, and what the boys would think.

The one thing I'm leaving out so far: The house is .4 miles away from their dad....

To Be Cont'd.....

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