Monday, September 20, 2010



1. Earn enough money to:

-Pay off debt (this year)

-Comfortable provide for myself and my family (now)

-Buy a home (within two years)

2. Start saving for:



-College for my boys

3. Continue to learn and grow in my field. (sales)

4. Strive towards balance/find a spiritual path.

5. Do yoga, other exercise. Move daily.

6. Be very involved in my boys' education. Be present and active in their lives.

Work on:



-Tying shoes

7. Be a good partner and friend. Be patient, loving, and nurturing. Marry my best friend. Try to let go of anger towards ex, regardless of how he acts.

8. Find joy and sanctuary in my home, continue to make it a place of peace and relaxation for all of us.

9. Read more. Learn. Grow. Be positive and happy. Complain and criticize less.

10. Be more confident and self-aware.