Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crafty Chica in the New York Times!

Check out this fantastic article featuring Kathy Cano-Murillo aka Crafty Chica! And check out her new book while you're at it! 

Friday, February 27, 2009

Austin Weather is Some Bullshizzle Sometimes

Today we were ROASTING and my littles even got a sunburn! But now I'm in my summertime nightie feeling a little chilly so I decided to check the weather. It will drop almost THIRTY degrees. Grrr! I HATE it when that happens. What happened to nice, gentle climate changes? Wait, never mind...

Partly Cloudy
Current:Partly Cloudy
Wind: N at 4 mph
Humidity: 42%
Mostly Sunny
88° | 50°
61° | 36°
61° | 36°
68° | 47°

Unless There is Honesty

 I am waiting for S to get home so I thought I'd do this random thingy from Facebook. I don't have Photoshop on this computer so this is as good as it gets! Here's the deal:

1 - Go to "wikipedia." Hit “random”
or click
The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2 - Go to "Random quotations"
or click
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3 - Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”
or click
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4 - Use photoshop or similar to put it all together.

5 - Post it with this text in the "caption" and TAG the friends you want to join in.

Here is my album cover:

 Kambojas of Panini
  Unless There is Honesty

Happy Birthday, Johnnny Cash!

Yesterday would have been Johnny Cash's 77th birthday. Tonight here in Austin there is a birthday party going on in his honor. That is where my husband is and although I greatly encouraged it (since he NEVER goes out, except for work poor guy ) now I'm feeling lonesome. 

I've felt very reminisce-y tonight. It's been unseasonably warm (thanks, global warming!) and I cooked dinner with all the windows wide open, drinking a Lonestar beer while the boys splashed in their baby pool in the front yard with Papa. It was a 
bit of a surreal scene for an evening in late February. 

lone star beer Pictures, Images and Photos

I was thinking about Johnny and the role he has played in my life. I've been a fan for years and years, like many other people. I was going to walk down the aisle (the first time) to "I Walk the Line"; it was "our song" thought unfortunately it didn't  come close to describing the reality of our relationship. The ex and I had tickets to see him play in San Francisco in 1997 and we were so excited, but the show was canceled due to Johnny's health issues. 

The first time I saw S was in 2001--he was a street vendor and I really wanted to buy one of his shirts. I didn't have the um...Cash so I couldn't get one then. I didn't see him around again until December and since I was going to Arizona to visit my family I decided to pick one up for the ex, who was also living there. It was a dark blue hoodie with Johnny on the back. He loved it, but apparently lost it after a firl decided to make off with it after a one-night stand. Ah, well. (I am not sending him another!)

S really wanted the two of us to go together tonight, but I am going out tomorrow alone so I thought it would be only fair for him to have an evening to himself. But now that the boys are asleep I'm missing him and feeling at loose ends. I have a million things I could be doing but instead I'm cyber-moping--reading random reviews of clothes I don't even want, obsessively checking Facebook for interesting activity. (there is none)

He mentioned tonight that he wishes I could be with him there tonight since Johnny played such a pivotal role in our relationship. I never have been a huge June Carter fan but you can't deny that they had a great love story...but certainly not an easy relationship by any stretch of the imagination. Sounds kind of like us. 

It's hard to narrow down which of his many songs is my favorite but this is one of them: 

And here is S's favorite:

And just to round out the selection, here is one of the exes favorites: (I had to call and ask him which one was his favorite and he had a really hard time narrowing it down) 

So--what's YOUR favorite Johnny Cash song? 

ps: S just called...he went to the show and the line was long so he walked around, thought about going to another show but was missing me. Now he's at the grocery store to pick up a few things we're running low on. We must really be getting old...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Last Morrissey Post--I Promise!

Ok--so I've been on a huge Morrissey kick lately (really?!) and listening to his new album everytime we're in the car. I really like it a lot--especially the single "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris." 

It hit me today that this song HAS to be about the video I posted a while back (but then deleted the entry in a fit of housecleaning) What do you think?


In the absence of your love 
And in the absence of human touch 
I have decided Im throwing my arms around 
Around Paris because only stone and steel accept my love 

In the absence of your smiling face 
I traveled all over the place 
and I have decided Im throwing my arms around 
Around Paris because only stone and steel accept my love 
Im throwing my arms around 
Around Paris because only stone and steel accept my love 

Im throwing my arms around Paris because 
Nobody wants my love 
Nobody wants my love 
Nobody needs my love 
Nobody wants my love 

Yes you made yourself plain 


"Take, for example, Married To The Eiffel Tower, a BBC documentary about people who are attracted to monuments, amusement park rides, bridges, and other inanimate objects."

Here is the lady that "married" the Eiffel Tower...she literally had a public wedding ceremony and considers herself married to "her." (she counts the Golden Gate bridge-who is, according to her a male-as one of her exes)

They can't get a room.

(Watch here. You know you want to.)

Maybe it's a coincidence...

There is a light that never goes out...

My favorite Morrissey/Smiths song...are ya'll sick of hearing about him yet? ;)

Hey, R--he played this in Berkeley when we saw him, no??

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Late February Going on June

Texas weather is such a trip--one day you're freezing your butt off and the next you're digging out your tank tops. 

Yesterday was in the upper 80's. It's great park weather and I've tried to be outside with the boys as much as possible. We were pretty hot in our outfits, though--my long sleeve t with leggings and a skirt and the boys' eclectic get-ups were pretty much not coducive to the little heat wave we were experiencing. Here are the boys in the backyard:

And here are our friends J and B. We took our boys to the park. It was B's first time on a playground! He is totally going to be walking soon:

Look at his awesome crawling technique! He doesn't want to hurt his boy!

 I think my guys feel like super big-boys around a baby. They were jumping around and
 generally being little wild men. I think they were trying to say "Hey, look! This is how you're supposed to act when you are a dude!"

LeeLee: "Your'e going DOWN!" (I actually forget what he was really saying there..)

After our friends left the boys had a major freakout and cried and cried--they missed their little friend! It was really sweet--and also more than a hint that it was bedtime. 

Today was a bit overwhelming for me. It seemed like everywhere I looked there was a pile of nonsense looking back at me. Hey look! Dirty dishes and unfolded laundry and unfiled work reports and unfinished birthday presents! Look at my craptastic bedroom! I had to spend over an hour on that mess...

My mom's birthday is next week and I just finished up her presents. Every time I thought I was done and ready to send them out I started another project. I had it in my head that I was going to the post office today but that just didn't happen. But tomorrow, definitely. I have several packages to send and although I dread the post office it will be nice to get everything sent out. 

I was impatient with the boys today and Papa didn't come home for lunch. I thought it wouldn't be that big of a deal since he can't stay long anyway, but I realized during his absence today that I have come to rely on him being here during that time.

I finally had to drag the boys and my knitting to the car and drive them to a crappy fast-food restaurant with an indoor playground just to get out of the house. Here is Moomers in the car on the way home: I changed the song on my iPod from Morrissey to Ryan Adams--he was not amused:

Speaking of Morrissey--I plan on seeing him in April and CANNOT wait. Moomers really wants to go and every day says: "Go bye bye to see Morrissey now Mama?"  I really would love to take my little sweetie to see one of my all-time favorite artists but--it seems ill-advised. I've seen him twice before with my friend R and it seems weird to not be going with him.  :(

Moz_Blackburn_2_11_02_64_kb_018 Pictures, Images and Photos

I just realized that I loathe the end of the month. The scramble to get all of the bills paid and loose ends from the month tied up. It's more daunting this month because it's a short one, but...whatever. We finally filed our taxes last night so that's a huge relief. My independent contractor status always screws us but thankfully S has a "real job" and the patience to wade through all of my crap and our random deductions and house stuff. 

Ok so now I'm just rambling. That's the major downside of blogging in the evenings. I'm just fried. See ya'll tomorrow. 

Baby Ike Updates:

I wanted to post an update about baby Ike--look at how adorable and alert he seems, even with everything he is going through. What a little trouper. I am so touched at how much people have banned together to help this family. It's incredible and inspiring. My heart leaps when I think about this exhausted and worried mama FINALLY getting to spend time holding her sweet baby boy. I'm sure it has been torture,~the first months of a new babies' life is supposed to be dedicated to mama-snuggle-time, not being hooked up to tubes and machines. 

There are lots of bake sales and auctions coming up, so if you are local be sure to check one out! 


I was so so happy to see Kari’s latest post. They have officially prescribed “Mama Holding Ike” time.

Best thing I have seen this week.

Best thing I have seen this week.

The on-call doc last night said that this little dude needs some lovin’ and mama needs some lovin’ so it was officially written down that Ike and I need to spend as much arm-in-arm contact as possible.

Read the post with more photos here.

Updates and Thanks

I have fallen woefully behind on updating the blog, forgive me.

Updates from Kari:

It has been a rocky few days for Ike. Kari explains it much better than I:


I wanted to throw out a big general shout out to everyone who has posted to their blogs about Ike’s story- I wish I could list them all, but I can’t even keep track now. If you are doing a fundraiser through your business, we will be trying to make sure you all get recognized. There is such a flurry of activity, that it is hard to keep track.This is a good thing, but I hate to appear ungrateful. Trust me, our gratitude is overflowing!

If you have donated items for the Silent Auction, you will be getting recognition as well, we are just still trying to finalize the list of items.

To everyone who has clicked that Paypal button or mailed in a check - huge huge thanks. I wish I could give each and every one of you a hug, and I am sorry that I can’t contact each of you directly - just know that your donations are not just noticed but so so appreciated.

Coming Soon

This Saturday is holding an Austin Bloggin’ Mamas event, and Catherine of Livemom has generously volunteered to set up a silent auction at the event. I will post more details about that as I have them, but wanted to go ahead and thank her most profusely.

Don’t forget that our humongous rummage sale is coming up on March 7th, and the TSU Bake Sale is on March 10th. Check out the Events page for all of the details.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Roundup:Long and Random

My blog posts have sucked lately, ya'll--I'm sorry. I just feel uncomfortable writing my silly narcissistic posts when I people I know and care about are going through difficult times. I usually have my head firmly planted up my own arse, but not far enough to where I can't see when my trivial b.s isn't very amusing. 

But...everything is fine on this end. S and I are 
solid, the boys are amazing--today I was talking to LeeLee and said: "Sweetie, can I give you a kiss?" and he said: "No, Mama-I'm a robot, I don't have lips. Kiss my guns" and stuck his arm out. What?! Where does 
he get this stuff from??? 

We had a really nice weekend and today was kind of a tough transition back into our normal routine without Papa. 

On Friday the boys and I had a playdate with a bunch of rad mamas--they had so much fun playing with a sweet little girl their age. They love ladies--but don't really seem to "get" that little girls are actually future women. They just try to wrestle and play "superhero" with them.

On Saturday Moomers and I had a special date. There are some days when they just really need their own special one-on-one time and I usually end up taking LeeLee. This time it was me and my little Moomies. LeeLee was sad at first but ended up having a blast with his Papa. 

We went to a great  parking lot sale and got to meet and hang out with some lovely crafty types...our favorite!

 After getting both our craft and cupcake fix (we had the "pin-up" yellow cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting...dee-lish--Moomies ordered for us. He pronounced it "pee-nup" it was adorable! ;) we met Papa and LeeLee at a nearby park to play the rest of the afternoon. 

On Sunday I worked for a bit and it felt great to be out talking to people about one of my greatest passions: skincare. I have met some really great people through my work and I really appreciate being able to freelance until the boys are in school and I can expand my role as a skincare educator/holistic esthetician/makeup artist, etc

I love doing crafts and expect them to be a permanant fixture in my life but I have to be honest: sometimes I feel like a craft impostor. I feel very confident and sure of myself when I am in my "zone" talking about products, ingredients, application tips, etc. with skincare but sometimes when I am interacting with other crafty types, especially more accomplished women I feel a bit insecure. 

I guess because I have never really thought of myself as being an "artist" so being exposed to people who have always tapped into their creative side makes me feel like a total amateur. But I expect those feelings will lessen as I become more proficient with some of my newer craft skillz and I continue to grow and learn. 

I do really love and enjoy the process of learning new things and don't really feel the need to be THE BEST ever at whatever I'm doing, I'm just thrilled to be creating and getting myself and my stuff out there, on whatever level I can. And I have been truly inspired by so many of the women I have met since moving to Austin. I feel so grateful to live in such a rad place. 

When I lived in San Francisco I thought there was no place that could ever compare and although no place will really ever take it's spot in my heart I am happy to see I was wrong in thinking that there aren't other  great places to live. 

Wow--that was quite a tangent I just went off on, no? I told you this would be a random post! 
Speaking of crafting: I have finished a few projects that had been on my mental queue for a while and that feels good. I can't really mention most of them because they are for my mother's fiftieth forty-ninth ;)  birthday that coming up very soon...March 2nd. 

But, I am happy to say that I am finally over my mental roadblock against sewing. I have been putting it off for years, letting poor Ruby gather dust longer! I have a few books I am itching to read and after that I am hoping it will be a whole new world of crafting for me! S knows how to sew a bit and he has been helping me thread the bobbin and other confusing trickery. 

We finished our first collaborative project and it looks really cute! Here's my Ruby, isn't she pretty? 

In other random happenings: today I made my first vegan pudding, quite by accident. I use soy milk for pudding because over three cups of regular cow milk is a gastro-intestinal nightmare for my little family..sorry, TMI. ;) So the only animal ingredient left was the eggs, which of course I am a huge fan of. 

I had leftover egg yolks from a yummy frittata I made last week with some elderly vegetables and egg whites--it was much more delicious than it sounds, I promise!

The only thing I know to do with egg yolks is to make a pudding out of them. And, if you know me at all you should know that you do not have to twist my arm to make a dessert, especially a comforting, creamy, decadent dark chocolate pudding. 

So I was following the recipe while reprimanding the Puncheachotherinthethroat Twins and as I was pushing the finished pudding through a fine-mesh sieve per dame Martha I saw them sitting there: all six of those m.effing yolks. But the pudding looked pudding-ish and both of my boys were sitting expectedly at the table, spoons in hand so I served it up and it was...yummy! Who knew? So now I won't have to invent dishes that require only eggwhites to have an excuse to make pudding! But to be fair and impartial (and use those yolks before they go bad!) tomorrow I will make a vanilla pudding and compare. 

I spent all day today catching up on housework leftover from the weekend and doing some crafts and work stuff so tomorrow I am going to release my boys from the prison that is our home and take them to the park. I think it's going to be nice and warm, I can't wait! *yawn* Good night!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The End

I have loved Ryan Adams for years..way longer than I have loved S. Knowing this, S won tickets from the radio when we were first dating. He saw Ryan perform with me then declined to go a second time, leaving me to see him alone...which was fine with me.

Another one of my celebrity crushes is Zach Braff...if you notice he and Ryan are not completely dissimliar looks-wise.
zach braff Pictures, Images and Photos
It seems that someone else shares my taste in men... Mandy Moore.

Here is Ryan Adams with his new fiancee...Mandy Moore.
Ryan & Mandy Pictures, Images and Photos

So I guess if Ryan is getting married and leaving the music business then our long affair is coming to an end...what does Mandy Moore have that I don't?? ;)

Mandy Moore Pictures, Images and Photos

Ah, well...congratulations, Ryan and Mandy...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Please Help Baby Ike

I'm going to pause writing about the banalities of my life for a minute to talk about something serious. A fellow Mama and her family are going through some incredibly tough times and I'd like to spread the word to try to help. Here is what fellow blogger/crafter/mama Rachel has to say and since I can't think of a better way to say it, here is a direct re-post: 

By now, many of you have heard about Baby Ike here in Austin who is currently in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Dell Children's Hospital, sedated, on paralytic medications and recovering from an operation in which he received a tracheostomy. Ike's mom, Kari Anne Roy , is a brilliantly hilarious writer and a beloved member of the Austin community. She and her sweet family (husband, Steven , Maker-in-the-making son, Sam, and tenaciously adorable daughter, Georgia) have been put through the ringer this year. You can read their full story on the Ike-a-saurus web site , and be sure to check out how the "Ike-a-saurus " name came to be. 

There has been an amazing community effort to help out the Roy family. In less than one day, Ike's web site was created (by Austin web rock star, Jenny Medford ) and a community of mamas joined forces to organize several fund raising events . Donation buttons were displayed and dispersed through social networks, and by day's end, we'd raised enough money to cover Ike's Cobra insurance for February and March. It's been the most beautiful example of community outreach I have ever experienced.

But there is still more to be done. Along with bake sales, rummage sales and big family-friendly events, we are looking for fun ways to help raise money for Ike-a-saurus and to help promote the generous businesses and supporters who are lending a hand.

Rachel is encouraging crafters to blog about Ike's cause and donate a portion of Etsy sales. These are just a couple of ideas on things you can do to help. You can read more here.

I don't have too much up on my Etsy site right now, but I will be donating a few items to the silent auction and it there is ANYTHING on my Etsy page or in my craft Flickr, please let me know. All sales will go directly to the Roy family until further notice. If you have a blog or a Facebook or Myspace page, please repost. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vent: Well So Much For That Idea...

The boys drove me absolutely crazy today. They were fighting with each other and destroying the house all day.  I could guarantee that if I gave them something to eat, a second later they would a) knock it over b) smear it all over themselves or c) try to paint the floors with it. 

I can't count the number of times I saw them punch or scratch each other. And the whining...did I mention the horrendous whining? 

Anyway, S asked if he could take them to dinner tonight because around the time of my period we just don't mesh well together. I tried my best to let him think I was granting him some sort of favor but I'm sure he could see that I was desperate to pawn them off. 

I gleefully dressed them and counted the seconds til he arrived home from work, trying not to do a happy little dance. I gave them huge kisses as they skipped out the door with their Papa...

and turned my attention back to the cheesy but sweet movie on Nick...yes. Nick, Nickolodeon. I was watching Spectacular and feeling like I was about fourteen (tops) and it was awesome. 

nolan gerard funk Pictures, Images and Photos

Once I saw the guy get the girl I was ready to start my Mama-adventure time. I grabbed my purse and keys were missing. I keep them attached to my purse because otherwise I would never know where they were and there is nothing worse than losing your keys....where the fuck are my keys?! Oh, yes. LeeLee was playing with them yesterday when we got home from Target and kept screaming every time I took them. I meant to get them back but....I didn't. 

I called S's cell phone and it took three tries to get a hold of him (damn you, vibrate setting!) and he wasn't overly sympathetic as the boys were giving him a hard time. (really?!) He put LeeLee on the phone and I asked him where my keys were and he said: "Ummm...Mama's purse." NOOO! They aren't. Moomers got on the phone and said 'Hi Mama! Mama keys? Purse!' AGGHGHGHHHH!!

S got back on and I ranted for about three seconds before he hung up on me. That did wonders for my mood. So now they are on their way home and I didn't get to make my stupid trip to the stupid grocery store. It's nothing I can't do tomorrow (provided I find my keys!) but I NEVER go to the grocery store without the boys and dammit I was looking forward to it. 

So not only am I a pathetic hag who starts to think that jailbait tween heartthrobs are kinda cute but I can't even take a trip to the store alone. 

*Sigh* They are on their way home now....the went to Subway which is about two seconds away from out house. I texted S and asked him to please bring me a sandwich and he called to ask which kind. "Roast beef" 'They're out.' 

Of course they are. 

Wordless Wednesday: My Moomers

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Iron Man Lady

Iron Man Pictures, Images and Photos

S lets the boys listen to Black Sabbath's"Iron Man" daily. (Can you believe Ozzy was ever so young and...dare I say it?? Kinda hot?!

The boys  love robots and Iron Man (even though they've never seen the movie, only the cartoon from the 60's.) 

My friend J told me about this Cardigan's cover and although I'm down with Ozzy, it's nice to hear a more chilled out version of this song....although I know there are some metal-heads out there who would strongly disagree with me. (but Ozzy himself has said this is the best cover of this song out there!)

Pizza Triumph

I was enthusing about one of my culinary masterpieces to my pal, C and she shared some of her recent cooking success stories too. After sufficiently complimenting each other she said: 'God, we're such shut ins!'  I paused then had to agree. I spend more time in my house, specifically my kitchen than any other place on earth. 

I've had many many years of barely being home, flitting from one social obligation to the next, not spending any time at home for fear of becoming "bored." Yes, the pre-baby years. 

But now I love being at home and look forward to my new social obligations: not hurting the feelings of my chickens by not making something yummy with their eggs or those of my sourdough starter by not using it in time. ;)  Before you start to feel too sorry for me, I do make sure we leave the house every couple of days (and not just to the grocery store) to interact with other humans. 

I had mentioned that I was going to make pizza crust with my sourdough starter and I am happy to say: I did and it was marvelous. 

I made the dough and waited for two hours for it to rise. It was a totally different consistency than bread dough--much stiffer and smaller. I peeked after a couple of hours and was disappointed to see that it looked the exact same. I think. It was hard to tell, but it wasn't the dramatic, puffy dough I was used to. 

I was getting hungry so I decided to just go for it. I rolled out two crusts, as thin as I could get them and made two identical pizzas: primavera tomato sauce, roasted eggplant and peppers, olives, feta and a bit of cheddar topped with plenty of salt, pepper, garlic and red pepper flakes. 

I think it was some of the best pizza I've ever had. I was amazed at how easy it was to create "real" pizza. I've made many from-scratch pizzas but my old go-to crust was thick and chewy. Great for loading on a ton of toppings but noticeably homemade. 

I can't wait to make more pizzas with my beloved sourdough starter. (I feel like I need to name it, I feel so fondly towards it. Any suggestions? ;)