Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rainy Day Creating

The rain has been terrible on the one hand because the boys get cranky and wound up and I get irritated and short tempered. We have a small house and sometimes it feels suffocatingly so.

But--on the plus side, we have lots of projects we can work on. Here are some recent ones:

Finished freezer stencils, waiting to be used for...something!

I'm big on birds lately...must be the inspiration in my own backyard!

Yesterday was S's mom's birthday (Nana) Here's the card I made for her:

And the card Moomers made:

And the card LeeLee made:

I really can't explain how happy and content I am to be in my little craft corner, surrounded my my projects and supplies..

I'm trying to learn how to embroider and so far it's been a lot of fun. I found some patterns online and printed them out but then...didn't know how to get them onto my fabric. I had some stabilizer but no tracing paper so I decided to see if I could use it. It was really great for tracing since it's clear:

But then I wasn't sure what to do with it. I taped it on top...but that was kind of janky/slid around a lot. So I used a small paintbrush to wet the edges. It's a dissolvable stabilizer so it melted into the fabric. Then I ironed the back to dry the water and stop it from spreading to the rest of the template. (if you notice, there are two of each little design: mushrooms, cowboy hats and little squid things--there was only one originally but since I have twins it didn't feel right to not have both represented!)

I love learning a new craft because right now I have no clue what I am doing, I'm just noodling around. I know I am not doing anything in the "correct" way and that's ok. I feel comfortable with a few different stitches thanks to Jenny Hart (I am eternally grateful to her for posting a guide for LEFT HANDED stitchers! It has helped immensely!)

I'm not quite ready for anything too intricate but these cute little simple designs are a fun way to continue to practice. I know through making mistakes and messing around I'll eventually learn the "right" way to do things but now I'm just having fun and exploring. 


Judy said...

I'm loving your stencil art...and birds...can't wait to see your embroidery stitch at a time.

Jen said...

Cute stencils! Are you a member of Etsy Austin? Thanks for looking at my blog. Maybe we can do a show together again :) I didn't get to leave my booth at Maker Faire much either but you might have seen Wes zooming around on his gas powered skateboard.