Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vent: Well So Much For That Idea...

The boys drove me absolutely crazy today. They were fighting with each other and destroying the house all day.  I could guarantee that if I gave them something to eat, a second later they would a) knock it over b) smear it all over themselves or c) try to paint the floors with it. 

I can't count the number of times I saw them punch or scratch each other. And the whining...did I mention the horrendous whining? 

Anyway, S asked if he could take them to dinner tonight because around the time of my period we just don't mesh well together. I tried my best to let him think I was granting him some sort of favor but I'm sure he could see that I was desperate to pawn them off. 

I gleefully dressed them and counted the seconds til he arrived home from work, trying not to do a happy little dance. I gave them huge kisses as they skipped out the door with their Papa...

and turned my attention back to the cheesy but sweet movie on Nick...yes. Nick, Nickolodeon. I was watching Spectacular and feeling like I was about fourteen (tops) and it was awesome. 

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Once I saw the guy get the girl I was ready to start my Mama-adventure time. I grabbed my purse and keys were missing. I keep them attached to my purse because otherwise I would never know where they were and there is nothing worse than losing your keys....where the fuck are my keys?! Oh, yes. LeeLee was playing with them yesterday when we got home from Target and kept screaming every time I took them. I meant to get them back but....I didn't. 

I called S's cell phone and it took three tries to get a hold of him (damn you, vibrate setting!) and he wasn't overly sympathetic as the boys were giving him a hard time. (really?!) He put LeeLee on the phone and I asked him where my keys were and he said: "Ummm...Mama's purse." NOOO! They aren't. Moomers got on the phone and said 'Hi Mama! Mama keys? Purse!' AGGHGHGHHHH!!

S got back on and I ranted for about three seconds before he hung up on me. That did wonders for my mood. So now they are on their way home and I didn't get to make my stupid trip to the stupid grocery store. It's nothing I can't do tomorrow (provided I find my keys!) but I NEVER go to the grocery store without the boys and dammit I was looking forward to it. 

So not only am I a pathetic hag who starts to think that jailbait tween heartthrobs are kinda cute but I can't even take a trip to the store alone. 

*Sigh* They are on their way home now....the went to Subway which is about two seconds away from out house. I texted S and asked him to please bring me a sandwich and he called to ask which kind. "Roast beef" 'They're out.' 

Of course they are. 

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I hope today was better.