Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lazy Day with the Sickie Twins

I was up all night last night with two feverish, coughing boys. My thermometer sucks so I don't know if they actually had a fever or not. If so, it was mild but they were definitely warmer than usual.

But thanks to a cranked-up heater I too was way warmer than usual, and completely parched and uncomfortable. Off went the jammie bottoms and fuzzy socks somewhere around 3am. At 6am my LeeLee was restless and congested and calling for his Papa. I got up and gave him a cup of ice water, had one myself and made one for Papa who we were about to wake up.

I turned off the heater and climbed into the spot Papa had made for us in his bed. We all fell back asleep. I was dead asleep when S left for work until he woke me to tell me that he was leaving. 'Check on Moomers' I rasped as he was on his way out. Sometime after that my Moomies crawled into bed with us where we all slept until 11:30am.

I have given up trying to get on a reasonable schedule right now. My boys are sick and clearly need the rest. I'm not sick but I am always down for some sleepy cuddles. I'm hoping to be 100% healthy before our trip.

Today we've just been having a mellow, lazy day at home. I made round 2 of homemade play dough, this time in blue.

I am roasting sweet potatoes for our dinner to go with the meatloaf I have planned. I'm defrosting the last of my cowboy cookie dough to finish baking and (hopefully) deliver to my MIL with all of my in-laws presents. Although I love these cookies so I can't make any promises that any will actually make it to her house.

I should be putting the final touches on my Christmas presents and wrapping them but...I have a mental block against Christmas right now. I will get over the hump shortly I'm sure. I am working this weekend so I SHOULD do it today but...I may not.

Tomorrow Santa Claus will be at S's work...I think the boys are finally ready to go and have their picture taken with him without being totally freaked out. If they are feeling better and have no fever we will go down there.

Play dough masters (drinking bubbly water mixed with orange juice and an herbal immune boosting tincture)

Beatnik Moomers

Tylenol chug-a-lug

Moomers calling Grandma yesterday on his yellow play dough phone (and dirty face!)
Hello, Grandma?


belle said...

The play~do looks awesome..sorry sickies

Luvtheskinyourin said...

Hope your cuties get better soon!!