Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up: Honkeytonk Mama!

Yesterday was a really mellow, easy day with my family. The boys played happily and jumped all over their Papa like wild puppies. I mostly lounged around reading.

I made iced tea, which is a weekly must. S made me a protein shake (and no, that is not a euphemism) to help ease my first-day-of-my-period symptoms.

His mom came over for a bit with her husband and his brand-new Ducati motorcycle. The boys ran around with motorcycle gloves on pretending to "ride mo-mos."

In other news, LeeLee learned to pedal his bike. We were so proud and his shy little proud smile was so heartbreakingly adorable.

My pal, Chas came over in the evening so I could do her brows before our big 'Mama's Night Out.' Her brows were very easy and satisfying to do. They just needed a bit of a medium-brown tint and a tiny bit of shaping. Why I didn't take a picture, I'm not sure.

In fact, I didn't take ANY pictures last night! Arrghgh! I was having too much fun to dig out the camera, but luckily J took lots of pictures that will soon be in my email inbox (*hint*) minus the unflattering ones of me, of course. ;)

We had a mini-honkeytonk, Mamastyle. Meaning not as much alcohol as I would have drank in my childless days (not by a LONG shot!) and a much earlier night than I would have liked. Well, than I would have liked in a parallel universe. I miss my boys like crazy when I'm not with them, even when I'm having fun.

I found out that I am still an awkward two-stepper and would really like to remedy that at some point. Bad Texan!!! I'm all boots and steps! I'd love to learn to dance with S, maybe that could happen at some point.

I enjoyed seeing a band after a million years of not being out to see live music (while living in the LIVE MUSIC CAPITOL OF THE WORLD, no less!) and I loved being out with three fun mamas. (not that I could hear half of what they said, but...)

I came home to three overtired men. I raced around throwing my boots in the closet, washed off my makeup and threw on my nightgown before hopping in bed to read one bedtime story.

It was an abrupt collision of worlds and it took me a second to acclimate but I quickly fell back into the parenting groove.

It was funny to be out in a dark club with my girls...when I was younger and single I loved the thrill of first walking in. Of striding in, shoulders back, eyes scanning the room for attractive men on the way to the bar for my first drink. I remember a time when I was maybe 24 and I was out with my roommate. 'hey, did you see your pretend boyfriend?' she asked after coming back from the bar. "the guy with the Misfits shirt? yeah, I saw him" I replied...and sure enough I was drunkenly making out with him an hour later.

Without the freedom of invitation in my interaction with random men, I find it hard to know how to act. I'm funny and interesting (I like to think) but in a crowded bar that's out. So I prefer to keep it a closed society, leaning in to hear what my mamafriend is saying, relishing the sound of her laughter and laughing/rolling my eyes in response.

But all in all I had a good weekend. The days that S has off is never enough. Fridays and Sundays. I find we need at least two days off in a row together to really relax into our lives as a whole family. One off, one on, one off just feels weird and unsatisfying.

The boys and I slept soundly until 10am, Papa was gone before we got up. Now my littles are napping and I'm going to make some chicken salad and think about dinner and maybe make a necklace in honor of my one "lone" beer last night, with the top from one of it's cousins. Pictures to follow...of course!

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oh what good times we had !