Monday, June 30, 2008

$Money, Money, Money$

I have recently begun to feel bummed by how excited my boys get when they get new things: toys, clothes, etc.

I know that our bank account and family values don't allow us to keep up with the desires of growing children for a steady rotation of brand-new toys and I was beginning to wonder how I was going to handle it.

I've been making jewelry and other crafty-stuff for my friends and family and to sell on Etsy.

The boys have begun to realize what money is so I decided to make them some "money"with fabric scraps and inexpensive wooden discs from the craft store.

They LOVED it! Luckily I had some cute skulls, bugs and tractor fabric scraps that were perfect for them!

I also made Moomers a "superhero" mask with a random serged piece of green oval-shaped fabric from a bag of scraps my friend gave me.

It clearly looked to me like a mask without eye holes...not sure what she had been intending for it to be! I don't sew so this was especially great to find in there!

After attaching pipe cleaners and cutting eye holes it was perfect for my little "superhero" (what he's been calling himself lately!)

We still have felt capes that we made for the boys when they were about a year old for Halloween and they still fit! They've never been into playing with them, but now that he has a mask M is more than happy to rock the cape too!

They always love playing with sticks, Papa doesn't like allowing sticks in the house, something I had forgotten...oops!

Last night we went to a park and explored a dry creek bed. I told Moomers that it reminded me of going "rock hunting" with my dad when I was a little girl. He told me he was going to look for a special rock to take home. The bed was FILLED with rocks and it was sweet watching him decide which one was the 'special one.'

He finally chose a small white rock and clutched it in his little fist. When we were going to bed he showed me his rock and said 'New, Mama.'

That's when it hit me: they have no concept of new as it applies to my adult brain. I think brand new, shiny, expensive. They think something that they didn't have before that is fun for them to play with.

I need to remember this as I feel guilty for cheating them out of their childhood by skipping the toy aisles at

The truth is, too many talking, blinking plastic toys will hamper their creativity.

One day they will want to have every new gadget their friends own, but for now they are happy pretending that sticks are helicopters and I'm going to encourage this as much as humanly possible.

A link to this blog in my inbox today was especially timely. I love that others are embracing creativity and moving away from rampant consumerism as well. I look forward to seeing all the ideas on the Flickr page! If you decide to participate, please let me know!

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belle said...

love the coins!!!! so glad you liked the site; that was quite timely for you ..aren't we in tune!love the pix you put up on the flickr page