Saturday, June 7, 2008

Elliott's Almost Here!!!

My future sister-in-law, Lissa was induced tonight. She had developed preeclampsia like me and most other mamas I know. I had no idea it was so common.

I am feeling jittery with excitement. My little brother is having a baby. Holy shit I never thought THAT would happen. My baby brother. The one that had the messy room filled with He-Man toys.

I've been thinking a lot about my dad recently. It's been over 12 years now that he's been gone, but man, it's not getting any easier.

I couldn't figure out why he was popping up in my thoughts so much more lately and I realized it's because Joe is about to have a baby. My dad has missed so much. So many things that he would have been so happy to see.


Mama P said...

Oh, congrats! And aren't you glad it's not YOU going through labor or a C-Section or however that little guy is coming into the world?

As far as your dad, I'm so sorry. I lost mine, too. It's not easy at all, is it?

Jen said...

YES!!!! Since she was induced, like me I was sent right back to that crazy uncertain place. I tried to tell my brother what to expect and he was like 'whatever' just totally nonchalant.
I'm SO nervous! I am mentally there with them. I hope she's hanging in there!, not easy in the slightest. I bet they had no idea how much they would be missed once they were gone.