Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cowboy Lady

The boys come up with some silly stuff. They've been watching the Toy Story movies a lot lately and want to wear cowboy boots and ride around on their stick horsies. The problem is we only have one pair of kids' cowboy boots, a slightly too-big pair of PINK Durangos that I got years ago at a thrift store in Oakland.

I thought they'd look cute on my shelf or that maybe I'd have a girl one day.

Instead, the boys fight tooth and nail over them then the loser (Mooms) goes into my closet and grabs a pair of MY boots. They are thigh-length on him and I'm afraid of accidents and broken bones so I try without success to discourage it. I finally had to put them WAY UP in my closet.

They also call themselves "Cowboy Lady" and this drives S CRAZY. I say, let them say whatever they want for now, he says we should teach them the correct words (cowgirl and cowboy) and be clear on which one they are--COWBOY.

Considering every other day they say they are pregnant with whatever their current favorite animal is (usually twins even!) and LeeLee tells me often that he has a vagina, I figure it's just a phase. I have said 'no honey you have a penis but you can pretend to have a vagina if you are playing pretend.'

I don't want to freak him out or turn it into a big deal.

But, they have been on the Cowboy Lady kick for a while and insisted that I create a theme song that must be sung every day, preferably before going to sleep.

I'm glad they don't mind the fact that I can't really sing. (they actually DO mind sometimes, but not in this case...because the Cowboy Lady is CLEARLY a lyrical masterpiece!!)

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Scabby Robot said...

you MUST post the song lyrics!