Monday, May 26, 2008

Crafty Mama Monday: If I'm Sitting' I'm Knittin'

Since S has been home all week I've gotten to do a lot of crafty stuff.

Today I'm just working on my knitted purse, I hope to finish with it tonight or tomorrow, at least the knitted part.

I've also been playing around with copper wire in my earrings. Earrings aren't overly super-exciting for me. I love making rings and necklaces, though so I may only do earrings as a compliment to certain necklaces.

I'm also thinking a bit ahead to Father's Day. Last year I made t-shirts for the boys to wear. They were cute but I know I could do better this year. I don't think I want to do shirts again, though so I'm thinking of my options. I also have a few good gift options for S and I'll probably make the same breakfast I did last year, Creamy Strawberry Stuffed French Toast Hearts. Yum. (It was a Rachael Ray recipe for Mother's Day last was supposed to be something that kids can make for their moms. I like it for Father's Day too and we all loved it)

I'm itching to go to the craft store, but S is gone and the boys are asleep so I'm just going to keep knitting.

This week I also want to refinish the top of a cute white vintage desk we found. I was thinking of Mod Podge-ing some fabric (in green maybe, I have to look around) onto it. I think I am going to put it in the living room and use it as our mail/correspondence table. We've had a sewing table there for years but I want to use it in the garage to actually sew with.

What are you working on?

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Kelly said...

My earrings are up and lookin' goog!