Monday, January 28, 2008

New Hair

This is my new haircut. I guess it looks pretty close to my last hair cut, I'm just tripping out because it's been so long in between. When I was shampooing today I was like 'where's my hair????' it feels thin and mullet-y but I think I'm just on the verge of PMS and feeling emotional. As these pictures are showing me, it isn't mullet-y and well, I have always had fine hair.
The picture of me in the pale shirt was from Day 1, yesterday. I was not feeling like smiling at all, it seems that my mouth doesn't even want to stretch into any expression, especially one that may be confused for happiness.
Anyway, I'm wasting time...again. The boys are asleep and I need to clean up our mess from the first half of the day and figure out what to cook for dinner. I am resisting the urge to make cookies. I keep finding myself making mental bargains....well, I should make them because I am going to give most to S to take to work..or, I could give them to M, our neighbor because he just got a raise...well, I mean I would only eat like one or two to make sure they taste ok.
I'm an addict!!!

1 comment:

AmberSwan said...

Your hair is super cute and not at all mullet-y. I very much like your bangs.

I'll call you tomorrow and we can finish catching up, mmkay?