Friday, December 14, 2007


The boys have been using more words lately, which is great and highly entertaining.

They received the love-of-baked-goods gene from me and get really excited when I bake anything. They can say "pie" clear as day but cake comes out "cock." I made banana bread the other day and when they wake up they run around saying "cock, yummm, cock, cock" and sometimes they even lick their lips. I think this is hilarious. I say "no, baby, CAAAKE" but inside I'm giggling like Beavis and Butthead. (he said 'cock')

I told my mom this story over the phone and LeeLee was in the background chanting "cock.cock.cock.cock"

'You really need to teach that boy how to say cake' she said worriedly.

Oh, and Lee recently named his stuffed groundhog "Andrew" and Moomers named a pink plastic (girl) pig "Bob."

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's been a long time...

It's been so long since I posted a blog entry that I actually FORGOT MY PASSWORD. Wow.
Well, so here I am.

A lot has been going on, yet nothing at all. I scaled back my work stuff, I wasn't making enough money to sustain my family and to be honest I really missed being home with my boys. S found a new job and he's been there for about three weeks now. It's not a proper long term job due to the fact that it doesn't pay too well but for now it is a lifesaver. It's nice to have a solid routine again, and a reliable paycheck again. I've tried the self employment thing twice now and both times I haven't fared so well. Maybe that's a sign.
I've been gearing up for the holidays, I'm through with my shopping, all my presents are wrapped. Two boxes need to be mailed to their new owners and that will be that.

My brother is coming to visit this weekend for my birthday (which isn't until Wednesday) and I am going to work a bit on Sunday, against my will really. I decided to keep working a bit to pad our income and this weekend was not a work weekend but the company asked-begged- me to fill in and so I am going to. Grrrr....

S and I are finally on more solid ground as well. For a while there, last month we were seriously teetering on the brink. The problem was lack of steady income combined with the loss of time apart. Both of us at home most days was not good. Our house is too small and we both like to do things our own way. Compromise doesn't come easy here. So I was feeing trapped and resentful and I imagine he was feeling the same way. I actually went to look at a rental house in our neighborhood. But I didn't get it and so here I am. I'm trying to be more calm about everything and just taking it as it comes. Today is good. So was yesterday. We'll see what tomorrow is like.